Thursday, January 29, 2009

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getWLSTOptions

Ok, this is an odd one, and my friends at Oracle are working on it, but we have no resolution yet. We have an AquaLogic Service Bus domain that consists of an Admin Server on HostA and a Managed Server on HostB. To start and stop the Admin Server, we use the provided shell scripts (RH Linux 4.0 ES) (, This has all been working fine for months.... Then, all of a sudden, when we try to stop the Admin weblogic server running the script and receive the following output: Stopping Weblogic Server... Problem invoking WLST - java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getWLSTOptions Done What happened? I'm not sure yet, but if anyone has any thoughts, I'm all EARs ;)


wlsAdmin said...

An hour or so after I put up this post, I found the culprit. The script had a jar in its PRECLASSPATH setting that was causing the issue. In our case it was the wlstExplorer.jar.

Still this was working at one time, but not now. I removed it from the PRECLASSPATH and the server stopped fine.

Now I just need to determine why it is no longer working.

Unnikrishnan Pillai said...


I extracted the jar and found that it has the ‘’ in it.

This utility was developed for versions prior to Weblogic 9.x.

One more interesting thing which I found was that the jar file was build on ‘09/sep/2005’ i.e.
about two years prior to WLS 9.2 release.

This class is now shipped by default with weblogic as a part of ‘weblogic.jar’.
The WLST-class which you have in ‘weblogic.jar’ is of newer version than the one which you have in
‘wlstexplorer.jar’, so logically they are bound to have conflicts.

i hope it helps :)

wlsAdmin said...

Thanks for updating the blog, Unni. I would have forgotten the cause and someone would surely have asked if I ever figured it out :)

Pavan Bhavani Shekhar said...

Can we use WLSTExplorer in WebLogic 9.2?

Unnikrishnan Pillai said...

I tried using WLST Explorer with WLS 9.2 as well as WLS 10 ; it doesn't works....

Cheers :)

Unnikrishnan Pillai said...

Hey Brian ,

I hope u don't mind me replying on ur BLOG ;)